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I wan to use the format 1,234.56 instead 1.234,45

How can I change it?

Dear Hugo,

On all platforms MoneyWiz reads your regional settings in order to decide how to format the numbers. This means that in order to change this you'd need to change the regional settings on your device to some country that uses the decimals the way you want then restart MoneyWiz.

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Thank you. It worked when y use auto detect in Settings / General

Have downloaded latest version and like the investment accounts function. But you need to all 3 decimal places for stock prices e.g. Allow $1.655 rather than just $1.65

Always loved money wiz, just switched back to it since the new investments accounts are out, in Thailand we use up to 4 decimal points for stock rates and mutual funds. money wiz only allows 2.


We are addressing this in the upcoming update. Note that even now you can use more than 2 digits if you choose Mutual Fund as the stock type.


We are currently looking into this feature request.

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