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Make NO PAYEE or NO TAG transaction appear in reports

Hi, Please make it possible to see data about transactions that are not assigned to a certain payee or a tag to be seen in reports. Suppose I want see all my expenses for last month and break them up by tags or payees. Now even if I check all tags or payees, the totals for transactions assigned to any payee or a tag will not be seen in reports. So I am able to see reports only for transactions that have a payee or tag. But I can't compare how much I spent for NO PAYEE or NO TAG transactions. It is often useful to see the totals only for those transactions that do not have any payee or a tag. This is also impossible now.
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Hello and thank you for your request! I'll share it with our team so they can analyse this further and design a change to the reports section to accommodate for it :) While we can't promise anything, we'll certainly look into this!

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