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Tags on Reports


I'm using a lot of tags. Would like to kown if its possible to filter tags so they wont show in a report.

For exemple:

I have the tag ForHome, Kids and Adults.

If I buy a new chair for the kids bedroom I'll put the tags ForHome and Kids

If I buy a new chair for the adults bedroom I'll put the tags ForHome and Adults

Afterwards I'd like to know how much I've spent on the ForHome tag but exclude the kids bedroom spending.

How can I do that?


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Hello Carlos,

Apologies, I'm afraid that it's currently not possible to exclude a tag in the way that your setup requires. What you might want consider doing is to reorganize your tags to that you have "ForHome - Kids" and "ForHome - Adults" separately and just assign one tag.

Alternatively the "ForHome" tag might be rendered obsolete by assigning some kind of Household category. Then you'd use a combination of a category and just one tag (Kids or Adults). You could then generate a Categories report with a Tag filter (so you include just one of the tags).

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