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Yearly Budget Changing?

Hi, I have a yearly budget that also rolls over yearly, the next roll-over is on the first of July. I noticed lately that the budget amount is changing? How is this possible, a fixed budget is a fixed budget it should not change until the roll-over date surely? Thanks, Dave...

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Hello Dave,

Can you please confirm what amount exactly do you notice changing? The Remaining allowance, the Used allowance, the Budgeted amount or perhaps Daily Allowance? Please provide us with more information as to what do you see.

Having the same problem Pawel. Each of the monthly recurring budgets I've set are bringing back values massively higher than the figures I've set
Having the same problem as well. Looks likw this is happening for a frequency setting of 1. In my case my budgets should refresh monthly but now looks like the are adding up. Example: Start date: june 1 Frequency 1 month Rollover:none Budget:1000 Its now july 1. But budget screen now shows 2000 total budget. It should have refreshed.

Hello! Is this happening on Android? If so, it's a different issue from what Dave reported and will be fixed in the next update.

If this is not Android, please contact us at so we can investigate in more detail.

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