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Activation (License) Key (Windows )

When trying to restore my purchases in moneywiz windows and enter my activation key is rejected, it tells me that it is invalid.


Make the purchase through moneywiz androind 


your help please


Dear Francisco,

Can you please contact us via e-mail at so that you can safely share your activation code or e-mail which we'd need in order to investigate this? Also please make sure that if you've purchased MoneyWiz for Windows (Standard) you install the MoneyWiz for Windows (Standard) version. If you've purchased MoneyWiz Premium make sure to use the MoneyWiz for Windows (Free/Premium) installation. You can check which version you've purchased as well as download links in your receipt from us.

I had the same issue after the upgrade to 2.6. Had to uninstall and reinstall using the Purchase-based version:

Hi again,

It's important to remember to install the correct version when reinstalling:

Also, due to the installer we use, simple reinstall might result in an error. A special clear cache procedure is needed - please contact us via e-mail if anyone encounters this problem at

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