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Editing Multiple Transactions

When trying to edit multiple transactions using Moneywiz for Windows I am getting the error message "Bulk editing of split transactions not supported" however the transactions that I am trying to edit are not split transactions.  Each transaction has its own category but it is not split into multiple categories for the same transaction.  Am I missing something?

Dear Randy,

This might be a bug in the software but can you please check if perhaps the transactions you've selected are split among some accounts? You can split transactions not only among categories but also among accounts.

How are you able to edit bulk transactions? 

I am using MoneyWiz 2.6.3 (Windows) and cannot find a way to bulk edit transactions...

Never mind - I find out how.

Although I could not find it in the Help, when selecting multiple transactions they must all be of the same type (all Expenses, or all Income, or all Transfers). Then, the "Edit" right-click menu option is enabled.


Indeed, the transactions need to be of the same type but note that transfers cannot be edited in-bulk.

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