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MoneyWiz desktop update on MacOS El Capitan


Launching my MoneyWiz desktop version, there is a warning message claiming that I need to update my desktop application in order to continue to use SYNCbits.

There is no update available on Mac App Store, though, while I have already updated my iOS version.

I have a mid 2007 iMac running Mac OS El Capitan and this is the latest version I can use on my computer.

How can I keep syncing my MoneyWiz data?

Hello Giovanni,

Do you remember where you've downloaded MoneyWiz for Mac from? It might have been from Mac App Store (in which case the update would appear in the Updates tab in MAS) but it also might have been from our website. If you've downloaded it from our website you'll see "Check for updates" in the MoneyWiz menubar item in the top left corner of the screen, next to the Apple logo, after you launch the app.

Hello Pawel,

actually I do not remember, but I usually updated MoneyWiz for Mac from the Mac App Store, so I assume I did buy MoneyWiz from the store.

I checked right now both the Store and MoneyWiz menubar and there is no trace of updates available. I still have the popup window warning me no SYNCbits available at launch.

Are you sure this is not because of the old MacOS system running on my iMac?

Problem solved. Inexplicably Mac App Store showed the update only after two system reboots.

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