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Market values update


I created an investment account, entered some transactions and my portfolio is correctly displayed. When I press details in each of the stocks a window appears with the correct stock and its price, however the prices on the portfolio in MoneyWiz are not being updated. I'm also not seeing any way to manually update the prices, so my portfolio is all at 0% variation.

How can I correct this?



I have the same problem.

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It depends on how frequently it is being bought or sold. Millions of people hold position and trade in almost all the equities until market is open. So its not a big surprise that stock price keep changing every second. Some of them which are not being traded will have constant price or less frequent changes.

Hello everyone!

Can you please tell me if:

a) your stocks are available from Yahoo! Finance?

b) you've entered the symbols as present on Yahoo! Finance? Note that Yahoo! adds suffixes to some stocks to indicate that they are from Australian Stock Exchange for example. You need to enter the stock symbol exactly as on Yahoo! Finance as that's what we use for our source.

I checked both on Yahoo finance and in the app as well - see attached screenshots. The screenshot shows the suffixes. The"Buy" screenshot shows the current price in the app. However after amending "Buy" for number of shares and purchase price, it doesn't seem to go and fetch the current price. The portfolio still shows original purchase price.
(105 KB)
(69.7 KB)

Independently of whether the stock symbol is or not in Yahoo there should be a way to manually update the prices, since some equities may not appear in Yahoo.

@Hitesh: can you please contact us about this on so we can look into this?

@Alexandre: our current implementation of Investment accounts requires for the securities to be present on Yahoo! Finance.


I also have two stocks that Yahoo Finance recognises but no longer produces value updates.  I need to be able to update stocks manually and would appreciate the feature being to 4 decimal places.


If a stock found on Yahoo! Finance is not updating in MoneyWiz, please open a help request by sending an e-mail to so we can help.

I've noted your votes on the features you mentioned, thank you!

Please post the fix on here. I have same problem. Tapping "details" takes me to the correct Yahoo data for the share price but that price isn't updated within MoneyWiz. With no manual change option, the price is locked on the date the investment was created.


We need to look at each case individually regarding this problem so can you please contact us about this at

It makes absolutely no sense that there's no operation to manually set the prices of a stock. I've been waiting for investment accounts ever since I bought MoneyWiz 2 (which promised investment accounts soon (TM) but then made users wait for a lot of time) and now I'll probably wait forever for this feature.

I'm jumping ships as soon as I can as this one seems to be sinking.


Manual price modification is coming in 2.6.5 update.

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