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market values update by Google Finance

Please implement market values update by Google Finance.

I created an investment account, and I input symbol which I have. I have Japanse market "Tokyo Stok Exchange" stock and ETF.

Now MoneyWiz implements Yahoo! Finance us value. But I can not find my stock in Yahoo! Finance us.

In Google Finance, I found my stock.


Name: Toyota Motor Corp.

Symbole: TYO:7203

Market: Tokyo Stok Exchange

Name: Nintendo Co., Ltd

Symbole: TYO:7974

Market: Tokyo Stok Exchange

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Hello there!

We've tried implementing Google Finance as our stock source but found it very unreliable (which is surprising, given it's a Google service) and missing lots of stocks that Yahoo! has. While Yahoo! might not have all shares that Google has, it has overall better coverage than Google.

However, I understand that your stock market is not available on Yahoo! Finance. We'll continue looking for a reliable data source beyond Yahoo!.

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