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Disable auto naming of description

I need the description field however, I think it is very annoying how the description field is currently auto filling itself.

This would always make me do an extra step of deleting whatever the app is auto-filled into the description field.

A better algorithm would be perfect or perhaps an option to disable? ;)

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Dear Denis,

We are receiving feedback regarding this from time to time. Currently we plan no immediate changes to this behavior but I'll note your vote on this one! We'll also keep an eye on this topic and the number of votes.

I have the same opinion as dennis!

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Just setting up Moneywiz and immediately encountered this. A real oddity. Why would I want to see the category name in both the category and description field? I don't really understand what the design objective is here?


The Description field is only populated if it's left empty. The design decision was that it should not be left empty as it can provide useful information - if you leave it empty, we can display the Category for you so you can identify it on the list of transactions easier.

Remember that Description field can be disabled from Settings -> Transaction layout and Memo field can be used instead - it does not have this feature.

Pawel, The problem is when I set a category, and then enter payee, then moneywiz would automatically fill up the description field with something it remember from past transactions that are related to that payee. Lets say I bought "iphone" (
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