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Provide option for manual "current price" against stocks in Investment accounts

The Yahoo Finance Service doesn't provide comprehensive stock coverage and also has a tendency to report prices rounded to whole pence rather than the accurate price. It would be great if MoneyWiz had the option to allow entry of current price for a stock manually, rather than the existing "retrieve from Yahoo" method. Then for those stocks for which Yahoo doesn't have prices, or those that it rounds up/down, an accurate current value could be displayed.

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Dear Andrew,

Thank you very much for requesting this! We are indeed looking into such feature and the votes casted on this and similar requests will help us prioritise new improvements.

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Would like to add my upvote.  I have a number of funds that are not listed on Yahoo (... or google for that matter), but it is available on Morningstar


Uncannily that's the first fund I had the problem with. The really sad thing is I recognised the ISIN 

Would like to add up vote too.

To all who replied.

We are already working on this. This feature might come in next update 2.6.5. We just need to make sure it's working properly on all platforms (iOS, Mac, Android and Windows).


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