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investment account chart


investment account feature is a great start. However it could be improves in many ways.

One on these improvements is the charting : in the main investment account page, top of the screen, why is it not possible to :

1. flip the phone and have a full screen view of the chart : my chart takes the same space horizontally and vertically when flipped, it is just rotated 90 degrees. Why not provide a "zoom" function like in the reports page, to make it full screen? (by the way, the icon for the "zoom" option should not be a magnifying glass but rather something like this:)

2.Why is it not possible to display the value of the whole portfolio over time, instead of that of each individual stock that compost it? Wouldn't it make more sense?

Thanks for giving me your feelings on these comments!


PS: please vote if you agree


Thank you for your feedback! I've moved this to Feature Requests forum as here other customers can vote. It was previously in Report Problem forums.

We are taking notes of customers feedback regarding investment accounts as we'd like to make it awesome so I've noted yours too!

THank you Pawel. I hope this will not be deferred too long...It is not a new feature but the adaptation of an existing one : it should be easy to implement and bring more coherence to the application.


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