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Search Bar on Account's Main Pannel


I'd like to suggest for the upcoming updates (maybe MoneyWiz 3) the inclusion of the search bar in the overview page of the Account's Pannel. For now, it's only accesible after selecting an existing account and to be perfectly honest, it's pretty pointless when, for example, you don't even know where the transaction is (even tho you can adjust the search to consider all accounts during the search). 

Thats it. Thanks!

Hi Mata,

Thank you for your suggestion. At the moment we can't tell whether this suggestion will be taken, as we don't yet know how significant the design changes for MoneyWiz 3 will be.

I also recommend to take this survey and share your thoughts about MoneyWiz 3 (i.e. maybe you have something else in mind to be added/implemented):


Already did. So you're telling me the final design has not even started yet? Is MW3 really going to happen this year?

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