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Bank account sync problem


one of my online bank accounts will not sync.

I have tried to reinstall moneywiz, deleted the DB and did a resync with syncbits and canceled the sync job.

Now I have no ideas what I can do to get the sync running again.




I have three accounts with Bank of America. The travel visa card will not download. I have tried all listed accounts including VISA. Please advise. Thanks


Im having 3 Rabobank (dutch) accounts 1 creditcard and they won't sync / update now for almost 5 days. Email to support but didn't got email back yet

 Hi Mario, RCTWest

Please submit a request to In the request you submit please let us know what exactly happens when you are trying to click on Refresh button (a circle button at the bottom of online account view). In addition

1. Please provide us with debugging information regarding Online Banking accounts that seem to be causing issues. Please visit the link below to see how to do this:

@RCTWest in your case please provide with debugging information about accounts you were able to connect with this bank so far.

2. @Mario let us know what is the bank and country please.

@Peter Oudenes please let us know which e-mail address you sent your request from. Currently we cannot find any other requests (other than this reply in current topic) from you (your name and e-mail).

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