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Transaction Voucher available for Print

Hi, I am trying out Moneywiz for my family finances. Since I usually have paper supporting documents for my transactions, I need to print out a voucher summary of the transaction to file. And sometimes I do have 1 check transaction payable for several expenses. Is it possible assign more than 1 expense account for 1 check transaction? Also, my check number has 2 alphabets in front of the Check numerical number. Will you consider adding these features? Please advise. Thank you.
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Hello Christine,

You can enter the same check number for more than one transaction. MoneyWiz will display a warning but you can ignore it.

As for non-numeric characters in check number field. The reason why we do not allow for characters to be entered in that field is so that the check number can increase by 1 automatically if you press on the little plus button next to the check field. But I'll note your feature requests on this, thank you!

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