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Actual Date vs Cleared Date

Coming over from Quicken after 10+ years, finally throwing in the towel.  Why do manually entered pending transactions with the actual date get changed to the cleared bank date once cleared?  Should expenses be tracked by when they are actually spent, especially with budgeting.  Granted I haven't dived into MW budgeting yet, but if the actual date happens to fall at the end of the month, but the bank cleared date is the new month, isn't the budget thrown off?  I would also think you would want actual dates to match receipts if tracked for tax purposes. 

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Dear Ron,

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! It's because MoneyWiz tries to be helpful and updates the manual entry with new information it received from the bank when it syncs. However, I understand that this might be inconvenient to some customers - especially as you noted, in budgeting - therefore I've taken the liberty to move this topic to our Feature Requests forum so it can receive more votes. Nevertheless, I'll also discuss this with our team to bring this to their attention. I cannot promise anything but we'll definitely debate over this.

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