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When is the next update coming out?


So my question is simple, when is the next update (not necessarily MW3, since I know you guys are working on a different update previous to that) being released approximately? 


Hello Mata,

Our next minor update is MoneyWiz 2.6.5 and we hope to submit it to Apple for approval in a couple of days. Add a couple of days of them approving it and once they approve, we'll release it on all platforms. Therefore if all goes according to plan the update should be out in around a week but because at any time we could discover a critical bug that needs our immediate attention, this is just an estimate.

However, the update is not much longer now.

As for MoneyWiz 3, our estimate is end of 2017/early 2018.

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Thank you for the fast response. In another note, is there any chance for you guys to optimize MW3 for iOS 11 (at least on iOS devices)? 


What do you mean by optimizing? Do you mean adding some iOS 11-specific features or are you experiencing some issues with MoneyWiz on iOS 11?

We'll definitely make sure that MoneyWiz 3 runs well on iOS 11 before releasing it.

Specific features? No. It's pretty much obvious most apps compatible with iOS 10(without a specific patch/update) are natively compatible with iOS 11 too. However, that doesn't mean the optimization is the same since that's an attribute software-hardware type. It's hard to explain when you don't know the technical words. 

Hello again,

Ah, I see! Yes, we will be optimising MoneyWiz for the iOS that will be current on the release date + making sure it also runs smoothly on older iOS'es that we'll be able to support. In other words, we'll be trying to using the newest APIs native to the current iOS version in order to make sure that it runs smooth and solid :)

Oh great then! 

Let me ask you something else here (since I don't want to create a thousand topics), what happened with the section "Road to MoneyWiz 3", which used to be inside the "Features" page? Perhaps the definitive features list is done? 


That section was temporarily removed until we finish up with current version of MoneyWiz 2. Once we confirm upcoming MoneyWiz 3 features and consider them 100% solid, the section will be back :)

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Perfect, thanks! 

Any news?

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The 2.6.5 update has been released today - please give it a try!

Yes, already updated it. Thanks!
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