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Follow categories automatically

It would be nice if MW follows automatically a category based in the same payee.

Once I categorize an operation without category, it would always follow the same category.

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This is very interesting... 

Hello Diogo and Mata,

MoneyWiz actually already works like this. Please check "Auto-completers" section here: (it was made for iPhone but the same applies to all platforms).

If you are referring not to manual entry but to Online Banking, please take a look at this article:

Hi Pawel, thanks for reply. I’m referring to online credit card. Does it works just for new transactions? What I’m trying to do is: I have a lot of operations for the same payee, for example “GAS”. But it’s in a wrong category. If I change one of ten operation, the nine remain stays in the wrong category.


Aaah, I see! So we're talking about different things. What I'm saying is that MoneyWiz can learn for Online Banking transactions what categories you assign to certain payees and assign them for you -but this indeed will only start working once MoneyWiz has had some time to learn your habits so it'll apply to new transactions.

What you want is that if you change a category of one transaction, all related transactions should have their categories changed. I'll note this feature request but remember that it might be tricky to implement: you might have one payee (some supermarket) but spend money on different types of items there (food, sweets, fruits, electronics, petrol, etc) resulting in different categories. This feature could have some potentially dangerous implications.

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