MoneyWiz 2.0.3 update for iOS introduces our first Today's view widget - Quick Transaction. Please note that it's just the beginning and we'll be adding different widgets in future updates! This article explains how to add a widget into your iOS Today's view.

Accessing the Edit mode

First, unlock your device and navigate to Home screen where you can see your application icons. From there, please swipe down from the very top of your device's screen to reveal the Notification Center.



We're looking for an Edit button at the bottom of the Notification Center. In case you have some widgets installed already, you might need to scroll to the bottom.



Adding widgets


In the view that appears, you can browse through available widgets. Find the one titled Quick Transaction with MoneyWiz icon to the left - this is MoneyWiz's widget. Tap on the green + plus button to the left to add it.

You can then close this view by tapping on the Done button in the top right corner of the screen.


Removing widgets

Removing widgets is just as easy - simply tap on the red - minus button next to the widget you'd like to remove.



Re-ordering widgets

You might want to make MoneyWiz's widget appear on top of other widgets for quick access - or perhaps you prefer another widget to take that place. To modify the order of widgets in the Today's view, first enter the Edit mode as described above. Then tap and hold on the three-lined button to the right and drag the widget to the desired place. Exit the Edit mode by tapping on the Done button in the top right corner of the screen.