MoneyWiz uses two separate bank integration providers that help us provide Online Banking syncing in the application: Salt Edge and Yodlee. Your bank has to be supported by at least one of them in order for it to be available in MoneyWiz (some banks are supported by both Salt Edge and Yodlee).

You can check if your bank is supported by Salt Edge by clicking here. Sadly, Yodlee does not share similar list online so the list you see on Salt Edge's website is not a complete list of banks we support in MoneyWiz.

The best way to check what banks are supported in MoneyWiz in total is to download the free version of MoneyWiz from here and searching for the bank in the application.

If your bank is not listed, you can create a request from Salt Edge's website here. Please do not e-mail us about the bank requests but use the form on Salt Edge's website. Because we simply display the data we receive from the bank providers, Salt Edge needs to integrate with your bank - not MoneyWiz.