The current list of shortcuts in MoneyWiz:

  • Shift+CMD (command) and click arrows up/down to go through MoneyWiz sections such as Accounts, Dashboard, Budgets, Reports, etc.
  • CMD + Shift + D show/hide Net Worh balance
  • CMD + Shift + B add Budget
  • CMD + Shift + G add Group
  • CMD + Shift + A add Account
  • CMD + E add expense
  • CMD + I add income
  • CMD+ T add transfer
  • Tab switch between transaction's fields such as account, category, amount, payee, description etc.
  • Spacebar to open the list of Categories.
  • Enter to select a Category 
  • Esc to go back

In order to have complete keyboard support in MoneyWiz 2.x, please make sure that the All Controls option in System Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts is selected.