Importing your data from YNAB to MoneyWiz is easy. We have a lot of clients coming from YNAB and the import works great for them. YNAB can export accounts to both QIF and CSV data format. For this import, we'll use the QIF file type. MoneyWiz not only supports import from this file type, it will detect the transfers between your accounts as well as split payments you may have on your accounts and your payee or categories.

Please note that if you don't import all accounts, the other accounts might not come up with the correct balances, because of the transfers between them and the accounts you haven't imported.

Please notice that if you have Investment & Assets accounts, those will probably not import into MoneyWiz because MoneyWiz currently works with Cash, Loan, Checking, Credit/Debit and Savings accounts.

This guide covers exporting from YNAB 4 for Desktop since the new YNAB Web app does not support data export at the time of writing this guide. Please let us know if it changes and we'll be happy to cover exporting from the new YNAB Web app for you.

First, get prepared before the export


Note the Opening Balance of your accounts

Before starting to export your accounts, please take a note of their Opening Balance. In YNAB, your Opening balance is listed as a separate transaction in your Account register.


Note the names of your accounts and their exact spelling

This is needed so that when you are exporting each account, you name the QIF file exactly as the name of the account. It is important to do this, as due to the structure of the file i.e. if the account is called Visa Gold, the QIF file for it should be called Visa Gold. Please mind the capitals, and spaces, the file format is cases sensitive.


Export from YNAB

1. Go to All Accounts view.

2. Go to File > Export.

3. Choose the QIF export method:

3. You'll be notified that all accounts have been exported as separate QIF file. Click Open Output Folder button to open the folder containing your files. They'll be named as "My Budget-ACCOUNTNAME as of DATE.qif". Find all the files you've just exported and place them on your Desktop for easier navigation.

Importing to MoneyWiz


Click Import OFX, QIF and CSV files from banks or other applications to see how to set up MoneyWiz before you import your YNAB data to MoneyWiz.

After import to MoneyWiz

We also have a special guide dedicated to customers moving from YNAB that explains how you can transition your finance management habits painlessly.

There is one more thing that we can do to make your financial history feel like at home in MoneyWiz. YNAB exports your Opening balance as a separate transaction therefore your Opening balance has been imported into MoneyWiz as a regular transaction. You can go into each of the accounts, find the "Starting Balance" transaction, note its value then edit the account properties in MoneyWiz to modify the account Opening Balance so it matches that value. After you do this, you can delete the now obsolete Starting Balance transaction from MoneyWiz.

To edit account properties:

  • On Mac: double click on the account,
  • On iOS and Android: go to "Settings" -> "Accounts & Budgets" -> tap on the account you want to edit.

You will find that setting there.