To perform a full reinstall of MoneyWiz 2 on Windows please follow the steps below.

Please note that reinstalling MoneyWiz will irreversibly delete any image/PDF attachments you might have as we don't sync them for now.

  1. Close MoneyWiz and go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, find MoneyWiz there in the list and Remove it.
  2. After you delete press key combinations Win() + R on your keyboard to execute Run window
  3. Inside the window that will appear type exactly: %appdata% and hit Enter
  4. You will be directed to AppData -> Roaming folder. On your keyboard tap the Backspace button to go back to folder AppData.
  5. From there go to Local folder, find and delete SilverWiz folder. Note: if you'd like to make a backup of your database (highly recommended if you have some data you don't want to lose and don't have a SYNCbits account) please copy this folder first to some safe place.
  6. Download and run this batch file: (this is to prevent an error during reinstallation).
  7. Install MoneyWiz again from here if you were using the Purchase-based (Paid) version or from here if you were using the Subscription-based (Free) version.
  8. Sign in to your SYNCbits account if you have one.

If you need to place the MoneyWiz database backup you've made earlier, copy moneywiz-release.db file from SilverWiz -> MoneyWiz backup folder you've made earlier to the respective place in the User\AppData\Local\SilverWiz\MoneyWiz folder.